Cinema Release GENERATION TELEBOY on September 11th

"With a winking eye, Hannes Hug leads us on a wild ride through 50 years of Swiss film and television history. Anchored on the recollections of retired DRS Big Band musicians, we gallop through a world of melodies, manipulation and shams. A reunion with the Spielhaus, Dominik Dachs and the cat pirates, as well as the unforgettable Kurt Felix." 

11.09.13 Zürich, Riffraff | Premiere

12.09.13 Zürich, Riffraff | Filmstart 

12.09.13 Basel, Kultkino

12.09.13 Bern, Quinnie 

12.09.13 Luzern, Bourbaki



"Ueli Steck - Der schnellste Mann am Berg" on May 6th on RTS2

Ueli Steck conquered the most dangerous Northfaces of the Alps in record time and set new alpinism benchmarks in on the Eiger Northface, the Matterhorn and the Grandes Jorasses. DOCMINE Productions AG and Robert Bösch, the accomplished photographer and director of photography, produced spectacular footage together with Ueli Steck. This footage is the basis for the documentary film "Der schnellste Mann am Berg" (SRF) by Jacqueline Schwerzmann.

Broadcast on May 6th on RTS2

record on Teleboy



On monday, April 1st, the documentary OUR FOREST by Heikko Böhm will be aired on 3sat.

Part 1 and 2: 12:55 - 14:35

programme announcement




In February, the two-part documentary OUR FOREST will be aired on Servus TV as follows:

Part 1: Wednesday, February 20th 2013, 21:15

Part 2: Wednesday, February 27th 2013, 21:15

Servus TV programme announcement


Preview of GENERATION TELEBOY in Solothurn

"Generation Teleboy" by Hannes Hug is screening today in the race for the Audience Award at the Solothurn Film Festival. With humor, the documentary traces how for decades the DRS BIG BAND shaped the cultural consciousness of the Swiss.


29.01.2013, 17:45 Reithalle

30.01.2013, 20:30 Landhaus



Mourning for Claude Nobs

Claude Nobs, the founder of the Montreux Jazz Festival, died yesterday at the age of 76. During last year’s Jazz Festival, the director Christian Neu accompanied “Funky Claude” for a planned documentary film.

“Anyone lucky enough to meet Claude had a date with inspiration personified. Claude's dreams had nothing to do with reality and this was the reason why he was able to make them come true. Claude's legacy is so much more than this festival and the music library, which is now World Cultural Heritage - it is his message that "nothing is impossible", and he lived the evidence every day."

Christian Neu. 11.01.2013


LES MYSTERES DE LA FORET on December 22nd on RTS 2

In December, RTS 2 will run the successful Swiss cinema documentary LES MYSTERES DE LA FORET. (English title: The mysteries of our forests). An impressive, picturesque portrait of our Swiss forests narrated by Carlos Leal.

Broadcast: Saturday, December 22nd 2012, 15:10


BEYOND THIS PLACE - Now on iTunes (US & Canada)

The documentary road movie by Kaleo La Belle is accepted into the iTunes documentary catalog.

> To iTunes (only accessible with a North American account)

 The film is also still available on DVD:

> To the shop



BUILDING THE FUTURE - DOCMINE embarks on an architectural tour.

In the film BUILDING THE FUTURE, in the forest, the city, and on the Monte Rosa hut, the fundamental architectural questions are asked. The film goes behind the scenes of architectural studies at ETH - one of the most prestigious international schools of architecture.


excerpt from the film > Building the future


HUNGER IN A WORLD OF PLENTY receives the Catholic Media Award 2012

At the award ceremony in Olten Former Federal Councillor Pascal Couchepin praised the filmmaker and former Secretary of State David Syz for his dedicated work in the field of documentary film. The Catholic media prize is endowed with 4,000 francs.

OUR FORESTS on 3SAT, Pentecost Monday, 28.05.2012

On Monday, May 28th, 3SAT will screen the documentary miniseries OUR FORESTS by Heikko Böhm

Part 1 Spring and Summer: 9:55
Part 2 Fall and Winter: 10.45

On Teleboy.ch > Watch





Today, RTS2 brodcasts the documentary road movie BEYOND THIS PLACE by Kaleo La Belle: RTS2 - 6.5.12, 00:05.Watch on teleboy.ch.

Additionally, 3sat will include the prize winning film in their special "SehnSucht - im Rausch der Gefühle" on the evening of Ascension Day: 3sat - Thursday, 17.5.12, 21:45
Watch on teleboy.ch.



On 29. April "Sternstunde Religion" focuses on the topic of hunger. The film HUNGER IN A WORLD OF PLENTY seeks answers to why there are still 1 billion people suffering from chronic hunger when our world should have the resources to nourish 12 billion people. After the film there will be a discussion with Franz Fischler about food and its inequitable distribution.

SF 1, 29. April, 10:05h. To the broadcast / On Teleboy


GOODNIGHT NOBODY German Cinema Release

Timed with World Sleep Day 2012, GOODNIGHT NOBODY begins its German release in 30 cinemas on the 15th of March. Screening times and more information are listed at www.goodnightnobody.de

Ueli Steck tonight on 3sat

Speed climber Ueli Steck conquered the north faces of Eiger, Matterhorn and Grandes Jorasses in record time. With Swiss Television, DOCMINE coproduced the documentary about these unbelievable records and produced the spectacular footage of the north faces. To the Making of...

DER SCHNELLSTE MANN AM BERG by Jacqueline Schwerzmann
3sat | 5 March 2012 | 22:55


DOCMINE at Berlinale

From February 9 to 19, the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival takes place. DOCMINE will be there to meet producers, distributors and creative people from the industry. If you're interested in a meeting, please contact us here.

DOCMINE selected for Producers Pooling Program (PPP)

DOCMINE and its pool partners Turnus Film and tellfilm received again support from PPP in the amount of CHF 100'000. PPP is a development program by Focal. Prof. Georg Feil, former head of feature films at Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film Münich, as well as more experts from Germany's industry will accompany the program.


HUNGER IN A WORLD OF PLENTY at Solothurner Filmtage

On Friday, January 20th, HUNGER IN A WORLD OF PLENTY will be screened at Solothurner Filmtage. According to the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization), our world would have the resources to nourish 12 billion people. Yet worldwide, one billion people are suffering from chronic hunger.

Friday, January 20th, 5:15pm, cinema Canva

Tonight: two-part documentary OUR FOREST on 3sat

The two-part documentary OUR FOREST is an epic approach to our woods told by characters and based on stories from the woods. It will be aired tonight on 3sat as follows:

Part 1, December 21: 8.15 pm | Part 2, December 21: 9.05 pm

Part 1, December 25: 10.35 am | Part 2, December 25: 11.25 am



LES MYSTERES DE LA FORET: now in theaters in French-speaking Switzerland

LES MYSTERES DE LA FORET, the French-speaking version of the successful Swiss documentary THE MYSTERIES OF OUR FOREST, is now in theaters in French-speaking Switzerland. Narrated by Carlos Leal, the film will be shown in Geneva, Lausanne, Oron and Neuchâtel | more information


Ueli Steck conquered the most dangerous Northfaces of the Alps in record time and set new alpinism benchmarks on the Eiger Northface, the Matterhorn and the Grandes Jorasses. DOCMINE produced together with Ueli Steck the spectacular footage of the record. This footage is the basis for the film DER SCHNELLSTE MANN AM BERG by Jacqueline Schwerzmann. The NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC edition is now in stores or available in our web shop.

THE MAKING OF shows the extreme conditions during the shoot.

OUR FOREST this Thursday on SF1

The DVD of THE MYSTERIES OF OUR FOREST, the most successful Swiss documentary of this year's fall, will be in stores on December 8. 

As foretaste of the DVD the Swiss National Television will broadcast a TV version this Thursday at 8.05 pm on SF1. Preview | record on Teleboy


BEYOND THIS PLACE celebrates big success on tour in the US

Kaleo La Belle's documentary BEYOND THIS PLACE celebrated a big success on tour in the US. Singer songwriter and composer of the soundtrack Sufjan Stevens and Ray Raposa performed the musical score live on stage. Apart from BAM Opera House in New York, they were also in Portland (Hollywood Theater), San Francisco (Castro Theatre) and Los Angeles (Vista Theater). The tour might be continued in Europe next spring. 




BEYOND THIS PLACE at BAM Opera House in New York

On October 30th 2011, BEYOND THIS PLACE is screening at BAM's Howard Gilman Opera House as part of BAM's 150th anniversary celebration. Musicians Sufjan Stevens and Ray Raposa will perform the musical score live. Q+A with Kaleo La Belle will follow the screening, moderated by Rick Moody.

More information: http://www.bam.org | http://www.beyondthisplace-thefilm.com


Today on Radio DRS 1: David Syz

David Syz, former State Secretary for Economic Affairs of Switzerland and filmmaker of HUNGER IN A WORLD OF PLENTY, was today's guest at "Tagesgespräch" on Radio DRS 1. 

It is one of the more serious and complex problems of our time: Hunger. According to the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization), our world would have the resources to nourish 12 billion people. Yet worldwide, one billion people are suffering from chronic hunger. How is this possible? What influences do subsidies from the Western world have on hunger? What role do speculators in the stock exchanges play? What has to change so that everyone has enough to eat? To listen to the podcast, click here.

HUNGER IN A WORLD OF PLENTY is currently shown in theaters in Bern, Geneva and Basel. For more details, please click here.


BEYOND THIS PLACE celebrates premiere in Paris

The absorbing road movie celebrated its premiere in France at the cinema Reflet Médicis in Paris. The title in French is called "Cloud Rock, mon père". Kaleo La Belle travelled to the premiere of his documentary about his hippie father Cloud Rock and answered the questions of the audience. The film is currently shown daily in cinemas in Paris and will soon be seen in more cities within France. 

Michel Brunner on Aeschbacher tonight

Tonight, Michel Brunner, protagonist of THE MYSTERIES OF OUR FOREST, will be a guest on Swiss TV program Aeschbacher. The theme of the night is "The first time". Record on Teleboy.

THE MYSTERIES OF OUR FOREST is now in Swiss cinemas | screening dates


THE MYSTERIES OF OUR FOREST at Lunchkino starting September 8

THE MYSTERIES OF OUR FOREST will be shown at Lunchkino at Zurich's Arthouse Le Paris from September 8 to 14. Director Heikko Böhm will be present on September 9. Tickets can be purchased here.

Starting September 15, THE MYSTERIES OF OUR FOREST will be shown in more than 30 cinemas in German-speaking Switzerland. Last chance to see the film open air will be on September 11 at Sihlwald Kino in Langnau am Albis. 



The TV station “SF1” will be airing the award-winning documentary GOODNIGHT NOBODY by Jacqueline Zünd on Wednesday, 25th of August at 00.05 am | record on Teleboy

Director and author Jacqueline Zünd has written about her fascination for insomniacs in the latest edition of the monthly magazine "Du". The article also includes several stills of director of photography Nikolai von Graevenitz, who was honoured with the Cinematography Award in Warsaw.

Download article


DER SCHNELLSTE MANN AM BERG wins "Diable d'Or" at film festival in Les Diablerets

DER SCHNELLSTE MANN AM BERG was honoured with the "Diable d'Or" at the Festival du Film des Diablerets. The portrait of alpinist Ueli Steck was shot in 2010. The documentary is a collaboration of SRF and DOCMINE. DOCMINE produced the stunning pictures of Ueli Steck at Eiger Nordwand. Making of see here.

THE MYSTERIES OF OUR FOREST succesfully launched at open air cinemas

THE MYSTERIES OF OUR FOREST has been well received at the official premiere on Wednesday evening.
It’s been little more than a week since the screening at the Open Air Cinemas in Lucerne. Despite the rainy weather in August, the number of viewers and good critics promised a succesful theatrical release on September 15, 2011. The evening news show “Tagesschau” of  the Swiss Television tuned in on the premiere for a coverage:Link

GOODNIGHT NOBODY also wins documentary film award at Fünf-Seen-Filmfestival

GOODNIGHT NOBODY by Jaqueline Zünd has been presented with the documentary film award at the Fünf Seen Filmfestival in Bavaria. The movie about four sleepless people on four continents convinced the jury: „These are worlds of great suspense and intensity in which the sleepless protagonists wander between dreams and nightmares. Although each story is unique in its own way, parallels are visible and tangible, such as the eternal loneliness every protagonist has to deal with night by night.”

GOODNIGHT NOBODY has already been honoured with six awards at international film festivals. 


Tonight at 10.20pm Swiss Television SF1 shows the award-winning documentary by Kaleo La Belle. This film explores Kaleo and Cloud Rock's failed father and son relationship and questions whether the hippie concept of freedom ultimately failed.
Record on Teleboy


THE MYSTERIES OF OUR FOREST is shown in Swiss cinemas starting August 2. Program

The forest. Whether one uses it or not, it stimulates our senses and enlivens our fantasies. It even seems that this large, green stranger can initiate instincts and emotions in us that were forgotten long ago. For thousands of years forests and human beings were connected by a one-sided and limited purpose: for man to take what the forest gives – with near destruction included. Alternately, our forests have been the subject of poetry and romance, adventure, myth and religion. What is it about forests that touches or souls, that makes us frightened, that swings the pendulum of our emotions between melancholy and pure happiness? What impact do they have? What secrets do our forests hold?

Tickets Open Air Cinema


Successful S3D-test with "Circus Knie"

DOCMINE and Circus Knie and partners accomplished successfully a shoot in 3D on the circus site and in the big top in Aarau. Circus Knie and DOCMINE will eventually evaluate to produce a 3D feature film with the "National Circus". There are impressions of the set available – even in 3D – on the official Knie blog: http://www.knie.ch/circus/blog/detail/knie-in-3d/


HUNGER IN A WORLD OF PLENTY is shown in Swiss cinemas starting 29. june. Program

n "Hunger in a World of Plenty", David Syz, the former State Secretary for Economic Affairs, seeks answers to the the question why there are still one billion people suffering from chronic hunger. Yet our world would have the resources to nourish 12 billion people.


Tickets Open Air Cinema



Jacqueline Zünd will present her award winning documentary film "Goodnight Nobody" in the ACID program in Cannes. Every year, during the Cannes Film Festival, ACID presents a selection of 9 international feature films with the aim of giving visibility to new talents. ACID presents these films to various distributors and supports them when they are released.

GOODNIGHT NOBODY awarded in Créteil

GOODNIGHT NOBODY has been presented with the award for best documentary film at the 33. Festival international de Films de Femmes in Créteil.

Another award for GOODNIGHT NOBODY

Film-director Jacqueline Zünd was awarded with the Jury Prize at the Sebastapol Film Festival near San Francisco. This is the fourth award for GOODNIGHT NODODY, which is still playing in Swiss Cinemas and at international film festivals.

GOODNIGHT NOBODY wins Swiss Film Prize for best soundtrack

Composer Marcel Vaid was awarded the "Quartz" for best film music for his score for GOODNIGHT NOBODY at the Swiss Film Awards on Saturday. GOODNIGHT NOBODY by Jacqueline Zünd is currently playing in diverse Swiss theaters.

To Trailer 


Robin Burgauer joins the DOCMINE team as a Junior Producer

After supporting diverse DOCMINE projects as a freelancer, Robin Burgauer has joined the team as a Junior Producer. Before joining DOCMINE, Robin Burgauer worked as a production manager at Seed, and produced the TV documentary “Waiting for the Future".

GOODNIGHT NOBODY in Swiss cinemas starting today

GOODNIGHT NOBODY, "one of the most beautiful films currently on the big screen”; (Züritipp), after a nine month tour on the international festival circuit, begins playing in Swiss cinemas starting today.

To trailer 


Broadcast of "Fremde Freunde" on TSR 2

On Monday, January 31st at 22:10, TRS 2 will broadcast "Fremde Freunde" by Simon Koller under the French title "Le retour de Spahis en Suisse".

To trailer.
To program information.
To free broadcast of program on Teleboy. 


"The Fastest Man on the Mountain" on SF1

On Thursday, 20.01.11, " The Fastest Man on the Mountain", about the speed climber Ueli Steck, will play on SF1.
For this film, DOCMINE produced spectacular images on the the Eiger, the Matterhorn, and the Grandes Jorasses: to the "Making Of".

Zürich Filmstiftung supports LUA'S MAGIC LAND

Like the Bundesamt für Kultur did previously, the Zürich Filmstiftung will support the development of LUA'S MAGICAL LAND with CHF 35,000. The script will be written by Jacqueline Zünd (Zürich) and Alexandra Helmig (Münich). This film, about the world of the circus, will be made in co-production with Münich based mixtvision.

Media interest in BEYOND THIS PLACE

DRS2aktuell discussed BEYOND THIS PLACE by Kaleo La Belle in great detail today. The broadcast can be downloaded as a Podcast. In addition, this evening Kulturplatz (SF) will report on Kaleo and his documentary film: Kulturplatz.

BEYOND THIS PLACE will be released in Swiss theaters on December 9th, 2010


Kaleo La Belle on Aeschbacher

Last night, the director of BEYOND THIS PLACE, Kaleo La Belle, was a guest on Aeschbacher. The theme of the night was "Big Hug". Kaleo spoke about how it was to see his father again after 17 years and about the development of his new documentary film. The broadcast can be seen on Schweizer Fernsehen's video portal.

BEYOND THIS PLACE will be released in Swiss theaters on December 9th, 2010


Kaleo La Belle on DRS 3-Focus and on Aeschbacher

Last night, Kaleo La Belle, director of BEYOND THIS PLACE, was the guest on DRS 3-Talk Focus with Dominic Diller. The broadcast can be downloaded as a podcast here. On Thursday, December 2nd at 22:20, Kaleo will be a guest on Aeschbacher on SF 1. The program description can be viewed here.

BEYOND THIS PLACE will be released in Swiss theaters on December 9th, 2010.


BEYOND THIS PLACE at 34th Göteborg Film Festival

The Göteborg International Film Festival in Göteborg, Sweden is the leading film festival in Scandinavia and – with an audience of 200,000 visitors a year –  one of the largest festivals in the world. The festival will take place from January 28th - February 7th, 2011.

*** BEYOND THIS PLACE will be released in Swiss theaters on December 9th, 2010. 


GOODNIGHT NOBODY wins Zürich Film Prize

At last night's "Cadrage 2010", the mayor of Zürich, Corine Mauch, presented the Zürich Film Prize and CHF 30,000 to director Jacqueline Zünd and production company DOCMINE for the film "Goodnight Nobody". This is the highest film award granted by the city of Zürich.


"Goodnight Nobody" in Taichung City and Leipzig

Jacqueline Zünd's film was chosen for the renowned International Competition in Leipzig, which takes place October 18th - 24th. Following Leipzig, this film about four insomniacs will screen on the 24th and 28th of October in the International Competition at the Taiwan International Documentary Film Festival in Taichung City. "Goodnight Nobody" will be released in theaters in Switzerland in Spring 2011.



First Phase of Shooting Complete for "Billions for Hunger, Hunger for Billions"

Phase one of production for "Billions for Hunger, Hunger for Billions" (WT) is complete. Our crew has interviewed key members of international hunger relief organizations FAO, IFAD, WFP and UNCTAD in Rome and Geneva, traveled to the farmlands and trading floors of the USA, and is preparing for upcoming shoots in Senegal and Ethiopia. This film, produced in cooperation with Ecodocs AG, asks why one in five people are still hungry when billions of dollars in hunger prevention aid are spent every year and seeks to find real and effective solutions to end world hunger.

BAK supports the screenplay for " Lua's Magical Summer"

In its last meeting, the Federal Office of Culture (BAK) awarded CHF 25,000 to „Lua’s Magical Summer“.  This children’s film takes place in the world of the circus. The screenplay was written by Jacqueline Zünd (Zürich) and Alexandra Helmig (Munich). DOCMINE will produce the film in co-production with mixtvision, Munich. Production is scheduled to begin in Summer 2011.

"Beyond This Place" Wins Grand Jury Prize at 50th Krakow Film Festival

The Golden Horn for the director of the best feature length documentary film at the 50th Krakow Film Festival was awarded to Kaleo La Belle for "Beyond This Place". The film was awarded 10,000 CHF - this is the second prize at an international festival for Kaleo La Belle's feature film debut. "Beyond This Place" was awarded the "Prix Création" for the most innovative film at the 2010 Visions du Réel Film Festival. At the end of June, the film will have its U.S. premier at the most important U.S. documentary film festival, the AFI Discovery Channel Silverdocs Film Festival in Washington D.C.. "Beyond This Place" is one of only eleven films selected for the U.S. Competition at Silverdocs.


"Beyond This Place" Begins International Festival Career

"Beyond This Place by Kaleo La Belle is making its way around the world on an international festival tour.  After being awarded the "Prix Création" at its festival debut at Visions du Réel, "Beyond This Place" travelled to Hot Docs in Toronto. "Beyond This Place" is currently playing at the 50th Krakow Film Festival. For the AFI Discovery Channel Silverdocs Film Festival in Washington D.C. at the end of June, the most important documentary film festival in the USA, "Beyond This Place" was 1 out of only 11 films selected for the U.S. Competition.  The film will be shown June 13th at the Guth Gafa Film Festival in Ireland.

Theatrical release in Switzerland is planned for October. 

Upcoming festivals and screenings include:

Guth Gafa Film Festival | Gortahork, Co. Donegal, Ireland | Sunday, June 13th at 19:00

AFI Discovery Silverdocs Film Festival | Washington D.C., USA | Tuesday, June 22nd at 21:30 and Thursday, June 24th at 16:00


A Double Honor for DOCMINE at Visions du Réel

We are proud that we were doubly honored at last night's awards ceremony at Visions du Réel.  Jacqueline Zünd was awared the prize for the best newcomer for her film "Goodnight Nobody".  Kaleo La Belle received the prize for the most innovative Swiss Film for "Beyond This Place". 

The DOCMINE team is proud of both directors and congratulates them on their striking debuts.

Photos © Visions du Réel 2010 (Photo: Michel Perret)


"Goodnight Nobody" and "Beyond This Place" selected for the Visions du Réel Film Festival in Nyon

                                         Date        Time           Venue            
„Goodnight Nobody“        17 April    17H00        Capitol 1 Leone    
„Goodnight Nobody“        19 April    09H00        Capitol 2 Fellini
„Beyond This Place“        19 April    20H00        Salle Communale
„Beyond This Place“        21 April    09H00        Capitol 1 Leone



Ninetta Roggli joins the DOCMINE team

Ninetta Roggli has joined the DOCMINE team as a Production Assistant. Ninetta completed her teacher training in Kanton Berne and then continued her studies at the University of Art and Design in Zürich. After university, she worked for three years as a production assistant in commercial spot and feature film production. At DOCMINE, Ninetta oversees the production of documentary films on both financial and organizational levels.

Support in post-production for "Beyond This Place"

The Migros Kulturprozent has granted CHF 35,000 in support of the post-production of "Beyond This Place", a film by Kaleo La Belle. Theatrical release of the film is planned for 2010.

Composer Marcel Vaid supported by Aargauer Kuratorium

Marcel Vaid has been granted CHF 5'000 for composing the soundtrack for „Goodnight Nobody".

Migros Kulturprozent supports "Goodnight Nobody"

The film "Goodnight Nobody" (former working title: "Eyes Wide Open") is being supported in post-production with CHF 50'000. The film will be finished in the coming weeks.

Fremde Freunde on SF1

Re-run of the documentation "Fremde Freunde - Triengen und seine fast vergessenen Internierten" the 27th of July 2009 at 11.15 pm in the context of "Die Schweiz im 2. Weltkrieg" (additional re-run: 28th of July at 02.15 am).

Condor Pictures becomes DOCMINE

We have a new name! In the future our films will be produced under the name DOCMINE.

DOCMINE will strive to bring invaluable documentary topics to light, to deliver them, using all our best resources, into films of the highest quality. Our name stands for documentaries that are relevant with inspiring universal and gripping topics. We want to collaborate with the most talented filmmakers in our field and be on the forefront in the development and distribution processes.

Our new name shows our commitment to our focus - documentaries, and marks our new path, separate from Condor Films AG, who will now focus strictly on commercials and corporate films.

The soundtrack for "Eyes Wide Open" is being supported by The SUISA Foundation

Marcel Vaid, composer for the film "Eyes Wide Open", has been granted CHF 5,000 for production of the soundtrack. The film, directed by Jacqueline Zünd, is in the rough cut stage and will be released in Fall 2009.

Fremde Freunde on 3Sat

"Fremde Freunde - Triengen und seine fast vergessenen Internierten" | 11.10 pm | 3Sat (re-run from 26.1.2009)

"ANDERMATT" presented at the "Pitching du Réel"

"ANDERMATT" was one of the selected projects presented to an international board of commissioning editors and distributors at the „Pitching du Réel" in Nyon. The planned co-production between DOCMINE and the Munich production company MEGAHERZ aroused much interest; DOCMINE was invited to participate in conversations focusing on further international collaborations.

More >>

"ANDERMATT" supported by both the Federal Department of Cultural Affairs and the Canton of Zurich

After receiving support for production by the Federal Department of Cultural Affairs, DOCMINE's project "ANDERMATT" also obtained a contribution of more than CHF 180'000.- by the Zurich Film Fund. Furthermore FFF Bayern warrants a production credit through our co-production partner Megaherz in Munich.

More >>

Documentary about "Palliative Care"

In collaboration with the Swiss Age Foundation, DOCMINE is producing a documentary about long-term care and palliative care. The filming takes place this May.

More >>

"Michelle - Living Between Pain and Hope" on SF 1

SF1 broadcasts the re-run of the documentation "Michelle - Living Between Pain and Hope" the 15th of April 2009 at 00.05 am in the context of ch:filmszene.

More >>

Marcel Vaid composing for "Eyes Wide Open"

The winner of the Swiss Film Award 2009 for "Zara", Marcel Vaid, will be composing the music for the feature documentary "Eyes Wide Open". The rough cut of the film by Jacqueline Zünd has recently been completed, the final version is planned to be finished late summer.

More >>

CO-PRODUCTION with Bayerischer Rundfunk

The feature documentary "ANDERMATT" will be produced as a Swiss German co-production. DOCMINE received a letter of intent from the Bayerischer Rundfunk and signed a corresponding contract with Megaherz, Munich.

More >>

Sufjan Stevens and Raymond Byron Magic Raposa compose music for "Beyond This Place"

US Singer-Songwriter Sufjan Stevens and Raymond Byron Magic Raposa will be composing the Soundtrack for "Beyond This Place" by Kaleo La Belle. A first recording-session just took place in New York.

More >>

"Sex, Drugs & Teleboy" supported by the Federal Department of Cultural Affairs

The Federal Department of Cultural Affairs supports the feature documentary "Sex, Drugs and Teleboy" by Hannes Hug with CHF 120'000.-. The project will be produced in fall 2009.

More >>

Swiss-Canadian Co-Production

DOCMINE is planning to co-produce the feature documentary "Second Planet" with Rebel Media Ventures, Toronto. The parties have signed a corresponding pre-contract.

More >>